A Portable Design of a Maize Drying Machine

  • Daniel Afriyie Ashesi University
  • Joel Akorli Ashesi University
  • Kwame Boadi Ashesi University
  • Settor Amediku Ashesi University
  • Nana Berko Ashesi University
Keywords: Direct On-Line, Moisture Content, Post-Harvest Losses


Most Ghanaian maize farmers incur losses in their business. This is due to the burden that comes with post-harvest grain management. The inability of the farmers to dry these grains effectively leads to its spoilage. Maize harvested in the first planting season of maize is susceptible to destruction by weevils and other insects due to the high moisture content. To prevent the problem of post-harvest losses in the maize farming business, a maize drying machine is designed to effectively dry it before storing the grains. This paper concentrates on the calculations, design processes and procedures on specific nature of chosen design parts. The machine makes use of an induction motor that is controlled by an electrical control unit to continuously stir the grains. A blower with the necessary heating element is used to supply the grains with air. Also, there is a temperature and humidity sensor at the bottom of the machine to detect if the maize is dried. The design prevents overheating of the grains during the drying process, and reduces the manpower expended by the farmer.


Author Biographies

Daniel Afriyie, Ashesi University



Joel Akorli, Ashesi University



Kwame Boadi, Ashesi University



Settor Amediku, Ashesi University



Nana Berko, Ashesi University



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